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     The house was constructed in the early 1920s following the style of the California bungalow.  Over the history of the house the floor plan had been modified many times resulting in a disorganized series of service spaces.  The Living Room, Dining Room and Kitchen were opened-up providing a more spacious and integrated living area.  First floor Bedrooms and a new Bathroom were organized in a more contemporary manner.  The Kitchen increased in size and efficiency with a change in location and enhanced cabinetry, lighting and finishes.  The steeply pitched roof offered sufficient volume for a Bedroom, Bathroom and Family Room that connected to the lower level with a new stair.   Efficient space planning allows the interior spaces to exhibit a lighter and more open response to the design requirements.  A front porch was added to carry out the newly established bungalow aesthetic and anchor the front of the house to the site

      The original construction system was balloon framing using rough-cut redwood lumber from the local area.  The remainder of the house was renovated to the period of its construction.   The front walk and deck are surrounded by a white picket fence.

     The completed house is 2,858 square feet on a 7,650 square feet lot.



Project Team:


Edward Janke

Joan Moore