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The Edwin Markham house was the early home of the noted San Jose poet.  The Markham house was moved to its present site on the grounds of the San Jose Historical Museum adjacent to other historical structures of the era and is a City of San Jose Historic Landmark.

The house had undergone significant changes over the course of its life, however there exists photographic documentation of its early history.

The design effort began with the research into the built fabric of the house with minor selective demolition and analysis.  What was revealed was the earliest structural system of balloon framing and the subsequent addition of a service porch and storage room.

The exterior was restored to a period of the early twentieth century by removing, cleaning, replacing where necessary the exterior siding, window sash, doors and trim and exterior trim.  Paint samples were removed and analyzed to determine the original color and composition to establish the restored color palette.



Project Team:


Edward Janke

Michael Fukatome