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The Gates-Maybeck house, City of San Jose Historical Landmark number 25, is the only house in Santa Clara County by Berkeley architect Bernard Maybeck. Mr. Maybeck was an AIA Gold Mentalist and the founder of the School of Architecture at the University of California.

The indignities suffered by the house during its most recent history presented the greatest challenge to restoration.  The goals for restoration were to determine what the early construction, restore the building to that date, and then develop exterior spaces and landscaping consistent with the house in a Maybeck-like manner.

Because of Mr. Maybeck’s tie to the region and the University of California records and information was readily available. The design was researched at the Wurster Hall library, and a set of HABS drawings were obtained to assist in graphic interpretation.

The building was refinished with integral colored cement stucco matching the original following an analysis of the original stucco and the many layers of paint.  The wood trim was painted to match the earliest colors that could be discerned.  The front door was reconstructed to match the original door.

The exterior trellis structure presented a design challenge with respect to placing the ‘right’ element adjacent to the house.  With the assistance of a historical preservation consultant, a curvilinear composition was developed.  Though the design is subjectively Maybeck, it stands away from the house so not to confuse the original house with the interpretative trellis structure.


Project Team:


Edward Janke

Charles Duncan

Michael Fukatome

Felix Hunziker

Tuan Cao