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Fire Station 7 is a reinforced concrete building with a clay tile roof located in a residential neighborhood in San Jose.  The facility was built in the 1930s as a civic depression-era project.  It is a City of San Jose Historic Landmark and has been in continuous use as a fire station.

The purpose of the addition was to update the interior spaces following the mandate of the Public Safety Bond that required expansion and modernization to interior functions to current standards.  The Day Room, Kitchen, Dining Room and Captains’ Toilet Rooms were enlarged and renovated to account for current functions and ADA requirements.

The addition to the over 75 year old structure was done in a manner to not copy the historical nature of the existing building but to recall the massing, proportions, and detail of the existing fire station.  Care was taken with the roof by using existing clay tile relocated from a slope not visible from the street and placing the tile adjacent to the unmodified roof thus creating a visually seamless roof surface.  Windows matched the existing steel casement windows, and the texture of the stucco blended with the existing surfacing and texture.



Project Team:


Edward Janke

Stacey Bowen

Joan Moore