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The original 1,850 square foot three-bedroom house was built in 1938 in the Rose Garden neighborhood of San Jose.  The neighborhood consists of single-family residences built in the 1920s, 30s and 40s, which together make up a stable and desirable part of the city.  The site is flat and bordered on either side by two story single-family houses.  The streets are bordered with mature Sycamore trees.

 The exterior façade composition was developed during the design of a modest addition to the Family Room adjacent to the Kitchen, and an entrance Foyer.  Enlarging the Foyer and developing a covered approach adjacent to the Family Room redefined the entry path into the house.   Providing a new unifying element to the front façade is a redwood trellis that sits on stucco covered concrete planter boxes.  The trellis geometry echoes the front Living Room and Family Room windows by tracing an opening the same size as the windows.  The Trellis alignment creates a space in front of the Family Room and serves as a semi-private garden in the front yard and provides structure for vines and seasonal foliage to grow.

The use of 2 x 2 redwood members on each side of the 2 x 6 supporting posts develops an open two-sided trellis that has the thickness and visual strength of a wall.   All of the redwood is clear vertical grain heart and fastened with adhesive and galvanized nails.  The stucco-covered concrete planters have a line of slate tiles that add to the continuous rhythm of the trellis grid and provide another material augmenting the composition.



Project Team:


Edward Janke

Joan Moore

Rob Janke

Chris Janke

Junko Tsuchida